A Word from the President

August 2, 2017 in President's Column

Talking with our Jaguar Tales Editor, Kevin Easton, I learned that one of the frustrations of putting out 10 issues a year is looking for input from a regular contributor and/or input from the membership.

Talking with individual members, I have heard many interesting stories about trips taken, incidents and encounters that have involved their Jaguar. So, I would like to propose a corner of the Tales called “Stories to Tell”.

What we are looking for here is input from any or all of our members re. involvement with their cars. To stimulate your thinking a little here are some possible ideas for you to write about: How did you buy your car(s)? Why did you buy that car?  Any particularly interesting trips in your car?  Awards won with your car?  Your favorite ride or moment in your car. I’m sure you can think of other ideas that members would find interesting.

Many of you will have interesting things to write about over the years you have spent with your Jaguars. Pick one, start writing and send it along to Kevin: Easton@ eastonrobertson.com. Kevin points our that pictures of you and/or your car always enhance your story.

And as time passes, keep thinking of new ideas and adventures for future articles.

I think you will enjoy this photo I found on the internet, it is the Queen actually driving her Jaguar X-Type Estate.  We Jaguar owners are in good company!