About Us

JaguarThe History of Our Jaguar Owners Club

Love for the Jaguar automobile is the common bond that brought together a group of enthusiastic Jaguar owners in 1955 to form the Jaguar Owners Association International. The next year the name was changed to the Jaguar Owners Club. On November 8, 1957 the club was incorporated and became affiliated with Jaguar Clubs of North America. In 1998 the club revised its bylaws to open up club membership to all Jaguar enthusiasts, whether current owners or those with other interest in the Jaguar marque.

Our membership is approximately 400. We have five elected officers and a board of up to an additional ten directors appointed by the President. Monthly board meetings are open to all members, who are encouraged to submit their ideas. Election of officers is held each November. The “Jaguar Tales” is our monthly newsletter informing members of upcoming activities, reporting on past events and providing articles of interest to Jaguar enthusiasts. Our own members contribute most of the articles, whether technical or about our members’ enjoyment of their cars and the camaraderie offered by membership.

The JOC has a rich history of activities and events, which enhance enjoyment of the marque and facilitate restoration and maintenance of these beautiful motorcars. Activities are planned for each month, including tours to various places of interest, picnics, brunches, dinners, technical sessions, rallies, racing events, a Holiday Gala in December, and our annual Concours d’Elegance. In addition to our JOC Concours d’Elegance, many members show their Jaguars in other shows throughout California and neighboring states. We are diversified and ever changing to meet the wishes of our membership. The emphasis is on enjoying our Jaguars! Take a look at our calendar to see what the future holds in the way of activities.

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