The semi-annual Meet held its Spring session on Saturday, April 22 in Lake Forest. Unlike the Fall Meet, where everyone arrives in the dark, this time there was plenty of light to set up. We had a good number of sellers, both professional and individuals from as far away as Oregon and San Diego. Buyer more


Jaguar Fever, The story behind Ken Laymon’s stunning 1965 Etype FHC (Part I) I was a sophomore at San Bernardino High School with very little interest in cars when I saw my first ‘XKE’, a British Racing Green Coupe which was parked at a service station on E Street in San Bernardino with the Bonnet open. I had just found my first love. From that time forward, I lusted for one of those cars; my bedroom was covered with E Type photos and dealer brochures. I could often be found at the BMC dealer or a used car lot sitting in an E Type (they must have loved me). When I was a senior in high school, I met up with some guys that were going to the SCCA races at Riverside Raceway, this sounded like a cool place to see some E Types, it started a tradition that lasted several years where I attended every SCCA event at Riverside, an avid fan cheering on the Es in Class B.

REVealed: 1957 Jaguar XKSS

Join David Gooding on an exhilarating ride in one of the most iconic and legendary automobiles of all time! One of only 16 original examples of the road-going Jaguar XKSS, chassis 716 will be making its way to our auction block in Amelia Island on March 10. Don’t miss this true supercar roar to life!

December’s Video of the Month – The XKSS

Jaguar is building nine new XKSSs, the first time the model has been produced since 1957.


A trip to sunny Seal Beach and a wonderful brunch on the water with Martin Goldsmith, the second president of the Jaguar Owner’s Club of LA, provided the ideal backdrop for my interview with Martin as part of the ongoing JOC history project. Martin was gracious with his time and memories while allowing me the more

’63 E-type Aluminum Bonnet

Recently, club member Bob Funari was involved in a rather nasty accident in his BRG 1963 E-type OTS. Fortunately, Bob survived but the car was significantly damaged. The hood (excuse me, bonnet) was not salvageable. So, Bob wisely elected to upgrade to an all aluminum bonnet from SNG Barrett USA. I had not seen a more

I found it on Ebay

1974 Jaguar XJ12 Coupe Prototype Sure enough, a Jaguar prototype is offered for $21,000 USD. It is chassis No. 1, i.e. Chassis 2G 1001, the very first V12 Coupe made, but it gets better than that. This car is actually Experimental Car Project ZX36/2 (3.4 Engine), which means that it was taken from the V12 more