“Dick” Richard Brinton Mila’ de la Roca July 7, 1937 – May 26, 2017

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Born to Marcos and Florence Mila’ de la Roca in Toledo, Ohio.  He was the middle child with an older brother, John (deceased) and a younger sister, Carmen (in Oregon).  For those who might be curious, the last name means “Falcon of the Rock”.  Old Castilian Spanish from Spain.  The family was awarded the name from the king of Spain.  His father was from Caracas Venezuela and met his mother in college in Ohio.  They moved to Duarte, CA when he was 3 or 4.

Richard went to MAD (Monrovia, Arcadia, Duarte) high school.  He joined the Army Air Corps, ultimately moved to the Air Force when it was formed.  He was a hydraulic mechanic on B52s.

Richard married quite young, he 17 and Merri 16.  They had twin girls, Sheri and Shawn 4 days after their 1 year anniversary.

Then 20 months later had daughter Beth.

Richard still had lots of love to give after his divorce, the girls already out of the house.  He met and married Beverly in 1974 and eventually adopted her 4 children.  Now he had 2 boys, Gary and James and 2 girls Renee and Laura.  Those boys always thanked Richard for the mechanical skills he taught them.

He had a love for cars at a young age, and started collecting cars at the age of 14.  He’d fix them up, drive around town and park it a block from his house, so the folks wouldn’t find out.  At one point he had 6 cars, and no driver’s license.

After the Air Force, Richard had many jobs that centered around cars, whether a mechanic, service writer, or import car part store owner.  His best job was working as a Glendora Police Volunteer where he retired as a Captain.  His greatest joy was when he and Beverly would dress as Santa and Mrs Claus to pass out presents to needy children in Glendora, every Christmas.

Jaguars were his passion and he was quite knowledgeable in all British cars.  He was always willing to help a fellow Jaguar or British car owner.