June 7, 2016 in Event Report

XF-S 8On Saturday April 16 the Club held its annual Judges Training Session. The purpose of the event is to train and certify new judges for the Concours and to recertify existing judges for an additional three years. In recent times the JCNA regulations with regards to certified judges have become increasingly stringent and the Concours Judging Rules more complex. It was great to see over 20 past and new judges attend the session.

As last year, the session was held at the Jaguar Regional Training Center in Irvine…. but with a twist this year. This is a marvelous facility offering a variety of classroom settings perfect for our event, as well as a luxurious “café”. We arrived at 8:30am with our humble boxes of donuts only to find a lavish hot breakfast had been prepared for us…. well actually it was the leftovers from a film crew that happened to be using the facility too…. but what the heck, tasted just as good!

After a few tense minutes, the promised stars of the show arrived…. the new F-Pace and XE models which had just returned from a morning at Cars and Coffee were put on display just for us and much attention was paid as Regional Marketing Manager, Brian Sim, took us through the highlights of both cars. On a side note, when I put out the word that we would get to see these cars I got a call from a local Jag dealer asking “how did you get to see those cars, we haven’t even seen them yet!” Thanks Brian for making this happen, you are a great friend of the Jaguar Club.

After such intense training and lusting, several of us repaired to nearby Peppino’s Italian for a much deserved slice and glass of chianti. Who knew “training” could be so much?