La Jolla Concourse

May 22, 2017 in Event Report, Front Page

by Charley Anton

The drive down to La Jolla was typical. It took about two hours and took in some ocean scenery.  We arrived to La Jolla Cove Suites just in time to get the last two spots for me. Dominic showed up just behind in his Jaguar E-type V-12 to get the last covered spot. I love the V-12 E-type. Such a smooth motor.

Melody and I like this hotel because it is from the 1950’s and just across the street from the car show. We took in some lunch with a Pacific Ocean view. My grilled salmon BLT was the best.  The cocktail party was the place to be seen that night. Talented stilt walkers swaying in the wind, good drinks, great Bentleys for all to enjoy inside and out, a quick hello with Keith Martin (always an approachable chap), and some of the best foodie snacks a chef could ask for. It was windy, but the weather was perfect otherwise.  This party, without the car show the next day, was worth the trip down. Get spiffed up, hair nice and neat, and chat with some nice car owners and meet some cool pets as well.

The next day was the car show. What a car show it was. The display section always features Rollers, Jags, Italian, sports, and some Cobras. We met some very nice car owners out there. Inside was even better. There was an impressive display of Jaguars, Healeys, and Rollers.

However, the French cars…ahhhhh…Tout les voitures sont bien! One of TWO Peugots 404 Coupes, an impressive Alfa Carrozza, hand crafted race cars. There is just no end.

The drive back was even better. We took the 15 north and just relaxed, with just a couple of slowdowns. The mountain views are incredible as we whiz back in our 1992 XJS V-12 Coupe HRB, in color. We cannot even hear the motor running when the doors are shut. It was just the perfect weekend.

Our much humble thanks to Mike and Jennifer Inland Empire group—1972 XJ Saloon—“lick-the-chocolate-off-me-RED.” If there is ever a “deal of the year”, this is it. There are slots available every year for Jaguar owners to enjoy the events at the La Jolla Concourse d’Elegance for pennies on the dollar. We have done it two years in a row. All made possible by Mike Zavos and Jennifer Hansen.

Have a great day!

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