Lane Victory Ship Tour Gives Us A Workout!

April 17, 2017 in Event Report

On March 19 about twenty Members assembled to tour the Victory Ship “Lane” in San Pedro Harbor. Even before we got onboard the fireworks started. We were assembling in the parking lot when a group of about twenty hot cars and motorcycles steamed in, with the San Pedro Police hot on their tails. Seems there was some speeding and donut spinning going on nearby. It took a while for the dozen or so officers to sort out that the gray hairs in the Jags were not part of the Fast and Furious gang (although one Member got a ticket for no front license plate!). Been a long time since the Jag Club mixed it up with the local constabulary.

Once on board we were treated to a most in depth tour of the ship, focusing on the dark underbelly that you don’t usually see. Until a recent boiler failure, the ship was taken out to sea several times a year, so the engine rooms looked pretty much like they were ready to go anytime. After much up and down flights of stairs, and a visit to two museum rooms and the gift shop, it was off to lunch.

At the Whale and Ale we met up with a few more Members and had an even two dozen for lunch. This very authentic English Pub is worth a visit anytime. No one left hungry or thirsty.

Not only did the Club pick up the tab for the ship tour, but the Board voted to send a $200 donation to the ship’s fund in hopes that the Lane Victory will again see the open ocean (from the top side).