The Actual, Incredible, Poppy Blossom Tour Of April 9, 2017

By Creig Turner  What an awesome sight to behold, nine gorgeous Jaguars and one hideous Chrysler (with a 900 HP hemi under its hood, we were told) lining the street in front of my house on a beautiful Sunday morning just a few weeks ago. The mighty Jags were panting and ready to begin the more


By Gene Cohen, club historian A paint color known to just about every auto buff is British Racing Green. This storied color goes back to the very early days of international racing, 1902. International racing at that time had strict rules regarding the components, drivers and colors of the racing cars. The cars had to made more


Jaguar Fever,  The story behind Ken Laymon’s stunning 1965 Etype FHC (Part II) After completion drive train, the time had come to fix the rebar holes, it was not until this time that I discovered that my car was a rust bucket, beauty was really only skin deep! I decided to send it out for more

La Jolla Concourse

by Charley Anton The drive down to La Jolla was typical. It took about two hours and took in some ocean scenery.  We arrived to La Jolla Cove Suites just in time to get the last two spots for me. Dominic showed up just behind in his Jaguar E-type V-12 to get the last covered more


I have been driving my 1971 V12 E type for 30 years and a modern F type for 3 years. Here are some thoughts about each. I consider both cars to be more of a refined GT than raw sports car. Both have power steering, disc brakes, air conditioning, good radios, comfortable seats with plenty of room for the driver and passenger. The E has a fairly useless back seat while the F has no back seat. Both cars are coupes and have very useful storage space when needed. Finally, both cars have been totally reliable and neither has ever left me in need of a tow truck on the road. Note that the E has been totally overhauled at Steve’s Jaguar.


Recently the Club was contacted by a Belgian currently living in LA, Micheil LaFluer. He is helping a friend of his back home in their efforts to prove that an XK120 that the friend owns was originally purchased by Humphrey Bogart. The chassis number is 670366, which is a LHD car produced in June, 1950. more


By Gene Cohen “That which we call a Jaguar. By any other name would smell as sweet” Car names come in all kinds of configurations with letters, numbers, names of places, animals or people and some completely made up with the help of an advertising agency. Jaguar has a unique naming history with many interesting stories more


On Saturday, December 3 about forty members of the Club met to celebrate the season at Matteo’s Restaurant in West LA. This year’s event was a change in both time of day and location to try to accommodate Members who in the past have felt that the location in Long Beach was too far, especially more

“RAGS DOWN” ALONG WITH A COW BELL Or my first Concours d’Elegance

By Gene Cohen At 10:00 A.M. on September 24, 2016 that call and sound rang through the Inland Empire’s “Jagstravaganza”  Concours dÉlegance  and everybody knew the judging was about to begin. The frantic detailing activity running rampant through the Jaguars came to an abrupt halt as the moment of truth had arrived. Judges picked up more

E Type Brought Back to Life

In last year’s December edition, we explained how a 1967 XKE OTS that had spent almost half a century within just a few miles of where it was originally purchased in the San Fernando Valley found its new owner, Russell Wolpert. The Jag had been in a deep slumber; locked in a garage since 1986, more