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Most Recently Added and Updated Albums
2023 San Diego Concours
24 photos - updated 8/18/2023
HB Concours 20230604
20 photos - updated 6/14/2023
It was a fabulous day in Long Beach.  Not too hot and great company.  The restaurant was fantastic.  Long Beach is a great club event destination.
Long Beach Lunch
13 photos - updated 4/8/2023
Garden Grove Strawberry Festival
20 photos - updated 6/8/2022
SS Iowa Concours Los Angeles
SS Iowa
43 photos - updated 6/7/2022
XKSS: Niele McQueen at the Festival
10 photos - updated 6/2/2022
Under the Big Guns
8 photos - updated 5/23/2022
CalClubsReunion2021 #4
132 photos - updated 11/11/2021
CalClubsReunion2021 #3
104 photos - updated 11/11/2021
CalClubsReunion2021 #2
54 photos - updated 11/11/2021
94 photos - updated 11/11/2021
Great weather for Idyllwild in 2021
Idyllwild 2021
28 photos - updated 10/10/2021
Monterey 2021
8 photos - updated 10/5/2021
Rally tour from Claremont to the Hills
Run for the Hills!
25 photos - updated 7/24/2021
Great times at March AFB Riverside
March AFB
45 photos - updated 5/21/2021
11 photos - updated 4/14/2021
Vernal Equinox/Orange Hills Rally
21 photos - updated 3/26/2021
Elaine’s S-Type V-8
7 photos - updated 3/10/2021
The drive to Pala was scenic, with wine country and ocean views.  A fabulous day.
Drive to Pala, CA
4 photos - updated 3/9/2021
A trip down memory lane for Charley and Elaine. Melody and Charley lived in Alamitos Beach from 1997-2003. Then we moved to Point Fermin, San Pedro 2003-2009.
Elaine and Charley Long Beach
7 photos - updated 2/27/2021
When Two
11 photos - updated 1/18/2021
2020 San Gabriel Tour
5 photos - updated 12/7/2020
Movie Tour
8 photos - updated 11/17/2020
Show N Shine
6 photos - updated 10/27/2020
Logo Bar
6 photos - updated 10/9/2020
Finer Things In Life
7 photos - updated 7/26/2020
The Need for Speed
16 photos - updated 6/25/2020
XJS Classic
8 photos - updated 6/22/2020
What a fantastic showing!  Weather was iffy, but the best turnout yet!  Thanks to all for supporting this great little breakfast.
Jags 'n' Jam March 2020
14 photos - updated 3/8/2020
ANother great group of Jag folks who continue to make this breakfast a nice break from the normal routine.  Great food, great company, and great cars. Next one is 3/7/2020 at Mimi's 17th Street again.
Jags 'n' Jam 1-4-2020
12 photos - updated 1/12/2020